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Chat here for HOCTF

Chat here for HODM

Instructions for IRC chat

IRC is Internet Relay Chat. It is the method used by Nexuiz Xonotic players to chat with each other. To use IRC, you have to install an IRC client program and connect to an IRC network called QuakeNet. After you connect to QuakeNet, then you may join various Nexuiz Xonotic-related channels. Optionally, there is a web-based interface for connecting to Nexuiz Xonotic IRC channels quickly without installing any software.

Simple method

Use the web chat interfaces above. Those take you to the HOCTF and/or HODM channels. You can join the normal Xonotic channel too by typing /join #xonotic

Best Method
1. Download and install an IRC client (software). A common recommendation is X-Chat. It is free and available for Mac, Windows and Linux OSes.

Windows version
Mac version
Linux version

2. Connect to the network. In X-Chat, it is on the server list under Quakenet. You'll have to choose a nickname, something with no spaces or strange characters in it.

3. Here are the typical channels and their uses:
  • #Xonotic : Main Xonotic chat.
  • #Xonotic.editing : For mappers, texture artists, 3D modelers
  • #Xonotic.admins : For Xonotic server owners.
  • #Xonotic.hoctf : HOCTF channel.
  • #Xonotic.hodm : HODM channel.

4. Enjoy!