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House of CTF [HOCTF] Servers

Last updated: Oct 24th, 2009

>>> IRC channel:

There are now two HOCTF servers for your playing enjoyment. The servers are continuously being improved. Expect additional maps and improvements on settings, like weapon balancing, and other features in the future.

Players on HOCTF are expected to be generally courteous and respectful. If anyone acts out-of-line, there are various moderators who can kick or ban players.

The server admin is Dokujisan

We have a Mumble Voice Chat server for use with HOCTF. If you want to setup Mumble and join, check out the mumble page for more info

Here is the current maplist

Mapname Thumbnail Mapname Thumbnail
BlockScape Caverna
Chasmv2_x_1.5 Evergreen_v1r1
NovaFortress_nex_v1r1 SymDusty_v2r3
aGamma_v2r2 accident_v3
accident_v1 ame7q3ctf1_nex_r2
aurora_v1r1 battlevalentine
bonuscheckers1_o boogie_b3
brokenworld_r2-div0-try2 bunker_ctf1_nex
courtfun_v5_shrinked ctctf6_nex_r2
ctftoxic-v1r2 cu3ctf1_nex_v1r1
dance_neutered darkbases
dm_castle dunce_v1r2
dusty-rbi egyptronex-b1
evilspacectf fabzctf_v5r1
fighter-bay_r1v1 finalrage_ctf_v1
gasolinepowered_v1r2 geit3ctf2_nex
gforce4 gib_warehouse_b1
hal_palindrome_nex heatctf_nex_v1r1
hourglass hydronexb4
irena_ctfV2 iris_ctf
ito_v1 killfactor_nex
lavaflag-20070428 mIKEctf2_nex
mIKEctf3_nex map-2teams1base-v2
map-aggressor-ctf_r3 map-cb_ctf4_v1r1
map-ctf-aecap_nex_r1_fix map-ctf-on-xctf3_nex_r3_fix
map-ctf-on-xctf4_nex_r3_fix map-ctf-on-xctf6_nex_r3_fix
map-ctf-polo3ctf1_nex_r3_fix map-ctf_facing_worlds_nex2
map-ctf_go_v0r0 map-ctf_trust_v1r1
map-morfar_ctf01_v2 mctf
medivalV2 mentalspace
mg_final_nex_v1r1 minimanq3-nex
moonstone munyal_ctf
mvctf02_nex never
ninemil-ctf3_nex q3mdctf1_nex
reptctf12_nex reservoir_v5-fixed
saintctf2_nex sbctf1_nex
sgdtt5_nex_v1r1 skycastle-b2-rbi
soylent_ctf_v1r5 spirit3ctfduel1_nex_v1r1
stchctf9a_nex thedeathfactory-withradar
triangulate_nex utcs_ctf_s
victory-v2 zion_beta_3