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Nexuiz Community Meeting #1

May 16th, 2009 in #nexuiz.ninjaz IRC channel

>>> The Log for this meeting is located here

Doku's steps to getting the community moving

The Nexuiz community is in need of a resurgence. When I originally helped develop activity within the North American Nexuiz Community in early 2008, I was largely successful because I had time available to do the things necessary to get the gears moving, and keep them moving. A lot of my effort was spent on planning and communication. I networked a whole lot. I talked with people and got people on the same page. I made lots of (heavy) suggestions toward people to get them to form clans, or do training sessions, do pickup matches, or whatever. Whenever I had an idea for the community, I discussed it with a lot of people. Most of my work involved communicating, which takes time, lots of time.

Things crumble

I was out of work for 6 months in the first half of 2008. That was when I did the bulk of my Nexuiz work. As soon as I got a job, things started falling apart. There wasn't anything setup to have other people within the community take over from where I left off. Simply put, what I failed to do was enable others within the community to help me. There was no support mechanism. At that time, the community itself didn't evolve to support itself (yet).

What I think needs to happen

I have a plan. I think that I know what needs to happen in order to get the Nexuiz community moving again. I am currently working at a new job where I work 60 hours a week and I'm also starting up two businesses at the same time with my brother. I'm very busy. However, I think I can resume the role of community organizer if I can get some help.

HOCTF as an example

I've made attempts before at starting up public CTF servers for the community to enjoy, and most of them failed except the recent attempt, House of Capture The Flag. The reason why HOCTF worked this time around is because I got help from people like Grasshopper, Surb and Agama. I got input on map selection, server maintenance and ideas to improve the server. Not to mention, there are a lot of people who make an effort to play on that server in order to keep it busy.

Two more examples are the Bootcamp project and the April Fools project that we did this year. Those were made possible by having many people within the community that commmunicated and focused on the task collectively. I helped direct those projects and that arrangement worked out pretty well.

Here's the pitch

Despite failed attempts in the past to get activity going, I believe we can do this. With the HOCTF server as an exmaple, I think that I can help to actively maintain and cultivate community activity through the help of a Nexuiz Community Team (NCT). Under my direction, a group of volunteers could get a lot more done than just with me doing stuff alone. I need help.

The Ingredients

  1. Team Formation

    I need people who are available and active and are willing to take some direction from me.

  2. Servers

    I can provide whatever servers we need, but I'm not the only one. I know there are some others who can also provide servers for whatever the community needs (training servers, clan match servers, ladder server, etc). If you have a server and are willing to offer it up for what the community needs, speak up.

  3. Use of

    -z- setup a web application on that we can use for a ladder. Various people have joined, but things fizzed after that. We really need to use this app for our activity.

  4. Regular Community Meetings

    Perhaps once a month or every two weeks, we should have meetings just like the one we're having tonight.

  5. Training Sessions

    I would like there to be group training sessions like we were doing last year. Those were really fun and it helped a lot of players balance out their skillset. All it takes is for someone to offer to run a group training session on a given topic: movement, nex aim, mortar, weapon strategy, map strategy, whatever.

  6. Moderators

    I need to know who is willing to be a moderator for servers. Then I can provide those people with instructions and an rcon_password.

  7. Use of Mumble

    I run a mumble server and we need to use it more. We need to actively encourage more people to use it. Clan channels should be created for every active clan. User accounts need to be added and maintained. I will need help with this, mainly collecting a list of user accounts and clans that need to be added. Then someone (perhaps Surb) can help me add them. The intial setup is the biggest pain. I did this many months ago, but then my server crashed, so it needs to be done again.

  8. Bootcamp

    We absolutely need to pull people into our active community from the public servers. This is vital for our little community, because we are relatively small. This is not a small project to do. It requires a lot of time and proper planning. The previous attempt at running bootcamp sessions was semi-successful. I managed to pull in about 15 people (one of which is DrMcAwesome/Ulysses) and train them on Nexuiz basics. It was great, but I couldn't maintain it.

  9. Please don't impede activity

    If there is any activity at all, please don't get in the way of it. If you have different ideas on what we should be doing, that is great and we should hear them in our community meetings. However, you should still be active in whatever moves the community makes. We need activity. For example, if you don't like the ladder idea and you decide to sit out, then that hurts our efforts greatly. At least give it a try, please. We need numbers of people.

  10. Communication Channels

    This is a key to our success. When there is activity within the community (a clan match, for example) we blast that information through various communication channels. NOT JUST ONE. We announce it in all of the clan channels in IRC. We announce it on public servers. We announce it on private channels. We post it on the NN forum. Get the word out. If there is activity, t is important that every knows about it. It will keep energy moving and motivate people when they see activity, or at least know about it. This will also spark interest from those on public servers who don't realize there is a clan community.

  11. Map Development

    I've been discussing this issue with a few people lately. We NEED improved maps for competition. I've had a million conversations with people about improving various maps. Some existing maps just need better item balancing. We need encourage more mappers, and we need to organize this process of improving or making maps. We can use a section on OUNS to maintain a list of maps ideas that mappers can look at. For example, an idea that was discsused numerous times last year was a CTF version of Final Rage. Well, Dib and Nifrek learned mapping over the past year and they decided to start working on that project. Awesome! We need more of that.

  12. Using OUNS and

    A few people in the community (including me) have been working on a website called It is just about ready to announce to the community, so I'll start now :-). This will be very useful in helping us to all stay aware of Nexuiz activity (development, clan/tourney/ladder activity, new maps, etc).

    OUNS is our Official Unofficial™ Knowledgebase for the Nexuiz community. We need to use that for storing some ideas for projects. We should also activity maintain Clan information on there. I would like to store my own community ideas under my own domain,, but I would like Community meeting notes to be stored on OUNS.

  13. Launching mini-projects

    Occasionally, someone will have an idea on how to help the community. Ulysses just mentioned the idea of blasting information about Nexuiz on various gaming forums. I think this is a good idea (and one that I've discussed with people before, like the Aussie Nexuiz people and -z-). Projects like this should be organized so we do it well.

The Nexuiz Community Team

This team will help me organize all of the projects related to all of the above. If you have a serious interest in being on this team, then PM me in IRC with your e-mail address.

We'll talk about ideas. We'll decide what needs to happen. I'll direct everybody and keep things within the team organized. Then the team will do what they do. I assume this will end up being about 6-8 people, but perhaps more. The more the merrier, but ONLY if you are serious about participating. We really need your help, but don't show interest now and then change your mind a week from now.

Your thoughts?

Side-note: I already consider Surb and Grasshopper as NCT members, since they are actively helping me with 1) Server maintenance (Surb) and 2) HOCTF improvements (Grasshopper). Thanks guys.