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Nexuiz Community Team Notes

Last Update - May 18th, 2009

Nexuiz Guides Project

For this project - (site mockup)

Synopsis - Video and text based guides to help newbs become pros quickly. The mockup doesn't shoe the whole interface that I have in mind, but it gives a basic idea. There are four people so far who have shown interest in creating content for this project. Nifrek, Bundy, Kojn and Pavlvs. Pav has already made a basic intro to laser movement video that he posted on alientrap form. He will likely make more.

Here is a recent conversation I had with Kojn about his portion.

What we need to do: is keep up with nifrek, bundy, pavlvs and kojn and make sure they are working on this, and make sure they know what each other is working on. If they know the project is getting input from other people, it will be more motivation for them to contribute.

We also need to think about who else will be able to contribute. There are various people in the Nexuiz community who know how to edit videos. You can search "Nexuiz" on Youtube to find them. This should not be limited to only North American players. So, our additional task is to find contributors to make Nexuiz Guide videos.

For this project - (site mockup)

Synopsis - It will eventually be a site which will host clan activity, including hosted clan websites with their own themes. For examples of site themes, see these:
The website updates would be funneled into the frontpage, along with upcoming matches and stats.

Now : The latest step with this project is when -z- setup a web app for running a game ladder/tournament. You can see that app running on right now. So we're now going to use that to get things moving, rather than wait for our own Nexuiz Clan app to be built.

What we need to do: is organize the clans and make sure they are ready to start competing. Keep this in the general conversation. Contact each clan and make sure everyone is registered on the site. Tell them that a ladder will be starting very soon.

Tweak recently started playing Nexuiz again. He's good at creating activity. Someone should ask him if he is willing to startup Militia again for this ladder.

We also need to figure out what maps are to be used. Nifrek said this was needed before the ladder can start. He had some ideas. Someone should ask around for map suggestions for 2v2TDM, 3v3TDM, 3v3CTF and 4v4CTF. Start by asking Nifrek first.

Nexuiz Bootcamp

For this project -

Synopsis - A system where Nexuiz trainers will work with new players to get them up to speed quickly through the use of training sessions.

What we need to do:

  1. Establish trainers
  2. Write a curriculum - based on this example:
  3. Develop a procedure so everyone is on the same page and knows exactly what to do.
  4. Have trainers idle in #nbc.nexuiz (NOTE: Ideally, this would change to #nexuiz.bootcamp)

The basic process involves announcing free Nexuiz training on public servers whenever we find new players (noobs) who are interested in nexuiz and have a good attitude. Then we invite them to either a) go to to find a trainer, or b) go invite them to connect to one of the bootcamp servers and begin a training session with them.

Map Development

>> Read the Extended notes on map development.

Synopsis - We have had hundreds of conversations about map ideas and very little of it gets done. We need to organize our ideas and put them down in writing for map makers to view. We also need to collect a list of map makers in the Nexuiz community. We can also try to find people who used to make maps but stopped (there are actually lots of people like this) and try to get them interested in Nexuiz map making again.

A lot of map projects get stalled because they don't get tested. We need to PUSH map testing and the process of giving feedback to map makers. I sometimes put beta maps on the BCs and get feedback to give to map makers. We need to do more of this.

I've had discussions with Grasshopper about this. I would like Grasshopper, MooKow and PCLizard to be involved in this, since they are all mappers.

What we need to do:

  1. Collect list of map editors in Nexuiz. Scan the alientrap and NN forums. Look through the mapinfo files of popular maps.
  2. Start collecting a list of ideas for improving existing maps, like weapon balancing or slight adjustments. There are a lot of maps that fall into this category.
  3. Start collecting a separate list of ideas for making new maps, like converting a Q3 or UT map, or converting a DM map to CTF, or making a totally new map. Someone needs to ask Tweak about UT maps. He has a lot of ideas for some that he thinks should be converted.
  4. Find out who is interested in mapping. I know Ulysses is. There are a few others who also have mentioned interest in it.
  5. Teach mapping. MooKow already has a project for this on NN forums. This needs to be extended. We need multiple teachers. We need more videos, and a way to collect all of the tutorial videos listed in one location (perhaps on OUNS?)
  6. Keep updated with mapping projects. For instance, nifrek is working on Final_rage_CTF. Dib is working on Ruiner_CTF. Grasshopper is working on a couple CTF maps, including a remake of fabctf.
  7. Establish a testing procedure for getting people to play on new maps and give feedback This could involve putting them on a batcave server and announcing it to everyone "Hey there is a new map to test on BC1".

Community Servers

Synopsis - I would like to take the batcave concept and extend it, possibly ending the use of #nexuiz.batcaves and instead making #nexuiz.servers or something similar that would house private community servers. We need resources like this to be more universal and open.

What we need to do: is find out who has servers and who is willing to offer up their server for what the community needs. Here is a short list I got from the last community meeting:

  • SoliderX
  • Pavlvs
  • Nifrek
  • MooKow
  • OhHai
  • Ome Dragon

Server Moderators

Synopsis - For our private and public servers, we need a set list of those willing to be moderators. Then we need some simple rules for how to moderate. I started some basic rcon_restricted commands with explanations here:

Current List:

  • AnArKiSt
  • OhHai
  • _6x
  • shaggy
  • claysm
  • SoldierX
  • MooKow
  • Scorpion
  • PlastmaSheep
  • Ulysses

Using Mumble

Synopsis - We need to get everyone using Mumble for use in clan matches, etc, and just for general chit-chat.

What we need to do is collect a list of clans who need a mumble channel created, and a list of people who need a mumble account created. After that list is done, then I will add the channels and players to the server. After that, I will had the password list to someone in NCT who will contact each player and giving them their mumble password and give them the URL to the website with information about the mumble server.