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Nexuiz North American 3v3 CTF Ladder

Last updated: May 20th, 2009

>>> Ladder website:

>>> Ladder Thread: Here

>>> IRC channel:

  1. Get Everyone Registered on
  2. Have each clan select 3 favorite maps and 3 maps they don't like from the list below.
  3. The clan leader of each clan should send these picks to Nifrek
  4. We compile the map votes and end up with a maplist before Friday, May 22nd
  5. We establish servers for the ladder. Doku and Surb will establish a server.cfg that server owners can use.
  6. Doku and Surb will setup mumble accounts for each clan and clan member. If you don't have a mumble account yet, tell one of these people: Agama, Slash, Doku or Surb.
  7. The ladder starts some day during the week of June 5th, depending on maplist selection, mumble setup and player registration.

Here is the maplist voting pool

This voting maplist was selected by Nifrek and Diabolik with the input of a handful of us, based on what maps that we know have been popular and may be adequate for ladder gameplay. Keep in mind that we can do an adjustment to the final maplist at another time, and we hope to do so as new maps come out. For now, we're mainly concerned with getting this ladder moving. If you have any specific questions about maps, you can ask Nifrek or Diabolik.

PLEASE play the maps on this list before voting. Don't vote against a map simply because you don't know it. There is a mix of newer and older maps on this list. Let's try to pick the best ones for this ladder.

Pick 3 maps you like
Pick 3 maps you don't like
Clan leaders, submit your selections to Nifrek

Mapname Thumbnail Mapname Thumbnail
Accident_v3 medivalV2
Castle ctctf6
Dance Facing Worlds
FighterBay geit3ctf2
(no turrets)
MikeCTF2 MikeCTF3
Moonstone on-xctf3
Polo3ctf Reservoir_v5
rrctf2 RunningmanCTF