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Xonotic Testing

Last updated: April 14th, 2011

Dokujisan here.

After more than a year since the fork, Xonotic development is coming very close to a proper release. After a lot of critical feedback, Xonotic gameplay has changed a lot just in the last few months. If you tested a Xonotic development version a while ago and you weren't happy with it, then you should know that Xonotic has improved considerably since then. Many people that hated Xonotic gameplay 7-8 months ago are enjoying it today.

Xonotic Weekend In Testing (XWIT) is planned for April 29th through May 1st. During this weekend, we will push everyone to download the latest development build (meaning you don't need to download source and compile it) to play some full games on Xonotic servers.

The intention of this event is get the last bit of feedback before the official release. This is the last step before everything that was once Nexuiz will soon become Xonotic. There is no turning back after this.

HOCTF for Nexuiz will remain running for a while, but HOCTF for Xonotic (aka xHOCTF) will be setup in time for this test and will continue running from that point forward. HODM for Xonotic will also be setup. Eventually, HOCTF (and HODM) for Nexuiz will be closed.

After this XWIT event, I hope that everyone begins to migrate over to Xonotic from Nexuiz. That is the gameplan. Nexuiz development stopped well over a year ago and it hasn't had new maps for a long while. Xonotic, on the other hand, has a collection of exciting new maps and the standard of quality has been raised.

Like you, I have enjoyed Nexuiz for many years, but the time for Nexuiz is coming to an end.
The time for Xonotic is beginning.

If you want to download the development version early, it is available right now (814MB).

This is the version that will be used for the XWIT event. Note: The goal of the XWIT event is to get everyone to test the gameplay at once within full, competitive games. Don't give your feedback until you've done exactly that, otherwise it's an unfair assessment.

If you have broken textures, it's due to your graphics card and you should use this build (1.2GB). We've had one person who couldn't view textures and he had a laptop with Intel 4500 graphics.

- Doku

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